DSI provides solutions to support Environmental Management and Planning. DSI has experience in over 100 engineering and analysis projects covering a wide range of conditions and client needs.

At DSI we provide a broad range of services for Environmental Engineering including:

  • Surface water quality
  • Ground water quality
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Toxic/hazardous material management
  • Radioactive material management
  • Solid waste management
  • General environmental studies

Representative projects:

McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Modelling, Canada
Lower St Johns Estuary Salinity Intrusion Study , FL, USA
Novato Watershed Hydraulic Study Hydrodynamic Model and Alternatives Development and Modeling, CA, USA
Little Bow River Water Quality Model Development, Alberta, Canada
Instream Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model for the Oldman River, Alberta, Canada
Ocean Pointe Salinity Impacts, Hawaii, USA
FDEP Caloosahatchee River Basin and San Carlos Bay, Hydrologic, Hydrodynamic and WQ Modeling, FL, USA
Aricebo Estuary, Puerto Rico
Kodiak Airport Expansion, AK, USA
COE St. Lucie Estuary, FL, USA
Tenkiller Ferry Lake, OK, USA
Hydrothermal Study, Lay Dam, Coosa River, AL, USA
FDEP Klosterman Bayou, Model Development, Watershed and WQ Modeling, FL, USA
FDEP Perdido Bay, FL, USA
FDEP Stevenson Creek, FL, USA
Tuy Hoa Environment Protection, Vietnam
Port Augusta Hydrodynamic Model and Mercury Study, Sicily, Italy
Nui Phao Mining – Environmental Support, Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Lower Athabasca River Water Quality Modeling, Canada
North Saskatchewan River WQ Modeling Report, Canada
Evaluating Forced Evaporation with Comparisons to EPRI and USGS Approaches, AL, USA
Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
Hydrodynamic Modeling Results for the Biological Evaluation of the Effects of Discharge Permit Reauthorization on Cook Inlet Beluga Whales, AL, USA
North Saskatchewan River WQ Modeling Report, Canada