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EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

Sediment Transport Study

Water Quality Modeling

Environmental Impacts

Technical Training


Alberta Environment & Water, Canada


Robert Magai

Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, AEW

Dates of Performance:


DSI provided calibration support to Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (ESRD) for the North Saskatchewan River (NSR) water quality model as well as on-site training using EFDC_Explorer when the report was finalized.

DSI prepared a detailed report documenting the EFDC model calibration including Hydrodynamic Calibration and Validation: Longitudinal and Lateral Mixing (Incorporating new Dye Study data), Total Suspended Solids Calibration, Macrophyte Calibration, Epilithic Algae Calibration, Temperature Calibration , Water Quality Calibration , Dissolved Oxygen Calibration, Bacteria Calibration. While the NSR EFDC model generally agreed well with the observed data, DSI provided recommendations on how the results could be further improve through fine-tuning of the model. DSI provided a comprehensive review of data gaps and steps to improve the model calibration.

A separate document was provided to ESRD for guidance in use of EFDC_Explorer ‘Pre-Post’ processor for the North Saskatchewan River Water Quality Model