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EFDC Hydrodynamic Modeling

Sensitivity Analysis

Habitat Analysis



Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Mike Wang


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Status of Project:

Second Phase Ongoing

McClelland Lake Wetland Complex (MLWC) is one of the unique ecosystems located north of Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada. The key objective of this study was to develop a surface water model to represent the transport and fate of water quality constituents along the fen and into the lake. The developed model also allows the client to gain further insight of the MLWC water balance, as well as the key water quality dynamics.

EFDC+ was used to accurately simulate surface water processes, including vegetation and spring freshets.  Several major innovations were implemented in this study, including (1) building and simulating nested grids for multiple scales of simulation in a single model, (2) building linkages between EFDC+ and HydroGeoSphere (HGS) model for boundary flow inputs (HGS is an integrated, finite element model groundwater model), (3) extending the EFDC+ domain to uplands areas with ice cover and snowfall.