DSI is an engineering, planning, and research & development firm with its headquarters in the US. A Representative Office was established in Hanoi in 2002 to provide the international/national development agencies and international companies with focused and experienced technical and management support.

Icon-AppsEngineering Software

DSI is constantly developing engineering tools to assist hydrodynamic and water quality studies and has gained considerable international acceptance amongst commercial, academic and government users.

Icon-30+Consulting Services

DSI has over 30 years of experience in providing water resources planning, flooding analysis and control, reservoir systems, groundwater flow, toxics transport, and water quality consulting services. DSI offers considerable expertise on a worldwide basis in water resources and environmental projects.

Icon-SydneyReal-time Modeling Systems

DSI has successfully created several Linux-based real-time models (with visualizations between 24-48 hours) including for the hydrodynamics and salinity of the Sydney Harbor, Australia.

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