DSI is an engineering, planning, and research & development firm with its headquarters in the US. A Representative Office was established in Hanoi in 2002 to provide the international/national development agencies and international companies with focused and experienced technical and management support.

Icon-AppsEngineering Software

DSI is constantly developing engineering tools to assist hydrodynamic and water quality studies and has gained considerable international acceptance amongst commercial, academic and government users.

Icon-30+Consulting Services

DSI has over 30 years of experience in providing water resources planning, flooding analysis and control, reservoir systems, groundwater flow, toxics transport, and water quality consulting services. DSI offers considerable expertise on a worldwide basis in water resources and environmental projects.

Icon-SydneyReal-time Modeling Systems

DSI has successfully created several Linux-based real-time models (with visualizations between 24-48 hours) including for the hydrodynamics and salinity of the Sydney Harbor, Australia.

Latest DSI News

  • Calgary Water Quality Model Development

    Matrix Solutions and DSI are partnering to develop the Bow River (City’s Reach) Water Quality Model Development using EFDC for the City of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The EFDC model (2D-3D) will help to understand the temporal, spatial water quality and environmental risks with better resolution and will seamlessly integrate into AEP’s model of the Bow…

  • American Water Resources Association Presentation

    Paul Craig, President of DSI, gave a presentation on Habitat Modeling at a dinner meeting for the Washington Section. Mr Craig demonstrated tools for supporting efforts to mitigate the impact of human development on fish habitat through enhancements to the physical habitat such as changes in substrate type and flow patterns.

  • McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Study

    DSI is supporting Suncor and Hatfield to develop an EFDC model that is integrated with a HydroGeoSphere ground water model of the McClelland Lake Wetland Complex in Alberta, Canada. The goal is to develop a surface water model to represent the transport and fate of WQ constituents along the fen and into the lake.

  • Lower Athabasca Water Quality Modeling

    DSI are supporting Alberta Environment and Parks with a detailed 2D hydrodynamic, sediment transport, toxics, and water quality model development for the Lower Athabasca River. This study will also include a fish habitat analysis and model sensitivity analysis.

  • EEMS8.4 Out Now

    The latest EFDC_Explorer Modeling System has been released, with EE8.4, EFDC+ and CVLGrid1.1 in one package. This update to DSI’s hydrodynamic, sediment transport and WQ modeling tool comes with many enhancements, including new habitat analysis tools (IFIM) and time and rule controlled hydraulic structures. A free Demo version is available for download.

  • Salinity Study for Lower St Johns River, Florida

    DSI supporting the next phase of an evaluation of the Jacksonville Harbor Navigation Project for USACE. The study uses EFDC+ with Sigma-ZED for hydrodynamic and salinity modeling to evaluate changes to the salinity in the Lower St Johns River.