DSI provides an integrated understanding and approach to addressing the ever increasing stresses on our planet’s water resources. DSI provides engineering services and hydrologic, hydraulic and hydrodynamic modeling support to assist the Client in providing solutions that help optimize competing demands.

At DSI we provide a broad range of services for Water Resources Engineering including:

  • Water resources planning
  • Flood analysis and management
  • Drought impacts and management
  • Reservoir dynamics and quality
  • Water quality planning and regulatory support
  • Oil spill modeling and planning
  • Urban/industrial water management
  • Groundwater flow and quality
  • Hydraulic structures
  • Watershed Modeling
  • HSPF Training

Representative projects:

McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Modelling, Canada
Sydney Harbor Real-time Hydrodynamic Model, Australia
Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, CA, USA
Third-Fourth Creeks, TN, USA
THXP Intake Analysis, Laos
Belleville Locks Dam River, OH, USA
Hue, Vietnam Flash Flood Warning System, Vietnam
Pa Vinh Tailwater Scour, Vietnam
S65a Scour Investigation, FL, USA
THPC Headpond Bathymetry-Sedimentation, Laos
Tenkiller Ferry Lake WQ Study, OK/IL, USA
THPC Hai-Hinboun Flood Analysis, Laos
THPC Hydrological Data Support, Laos
FDEP Klosterman Bayou, Model Development, Watershed and WQ Modeling, FL, USA
COE Barkely Reservoir CE-QUAL-W2 Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model, TN, USA
Nam Xot DTM and Flood Impact Study, Laos
North Saskatchewan River WQ Modeling Report, Canada
Real-time Thermal Hydrodynamic Model Decision Support Tool, AL, USA
Evaluating Forced Evaporation with Comparisons to EPRI and USGS Approaches, AL, USA
Hydrodynamic Modeling Results for the Biological Evaluation of the Effects of Discharge Permit Reauthorization on Cook Inlet Beluga Whales
Novato Watershed Hydraulic Study Hydrodynamic Model and Alternatives Development and Modeling