Services Rendered:

EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

Pre/Post Project Impact Analysis

ADCP Data Processing

Environmental Impacts

Sediment Impacts Analysis

Bed Shear Analysis

The Sungai Segget Restoration Project is located Johor Bahru in the Western Strait of Johor in Malaysia. Dynamic Solutions-International (DSI) was contracted by Noor Clean Water/ASMA to make a study of the impacts of the proposed changes to the system including construction of a 1.0 hectare lagoon and barrage in the bay. The existing condition of Sungai Segget drainage system is a concrete channel, much of which is covered by sidewalk. The water is seriously polluted from a variety of sources and currently flows untreated directly into the sea. ADCP data was collected by Noor Clean Water/Nahrim and processed by DSI. An EFDC Hydrodynamic model was setup for the entire western Strait of Johor between Malaysia and Singapore. This model was calibrated for the current conditions and then compared with the post-project scenario conditions. The purpose of the hydraulic study was to guide the planning of the development and minimize environmental impacts. Outputs from the study included before and after project implementation flooding, shoreline water levels, velocity patterns, and sedimentation and scour patterns. Recommendations on mitigation measures to reduce the impact of the proposed project on the environment were also provided.