Services Rendered:

Solid Waste Management

Landfill Siting

Landfill Design

Capacity Development

Environment Management

Sanitary Conditions

Women’s Issues

DSI provided environmental engineering support for the Identification Phase of a project formulation for the Town of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Province. The focus of the Identification process was to address solid waste management, capacity building for waste management and improving public sanitation. DSI conducted on-site surveys, evaluation of the existing solid waste collection and disposal processes, including the fee system. Evaluated a proposed landfill site and provided conceptual design for the landfill, leachate collection and treatment system. Participated in the stakeholders meetings and provided technical input and provided answers to questions concerning the recommended waste management approach and landfill design & operations. Supported the analysis of the gender issues related to the historic and future waste management issues for Tuy Hoa. DSI Vietnamese engineers provided translations for the engineering sections of the reports and interpretation during the meetings. The following figure provides a 3D visualization of the proposed landfill, after its estimated 30-40 year lifetime. The vertical exaggeration is 10 to 1. The brown mound represents the finished grade of the landfill after closure.