As DSI has serviced clients with projects in remote areas, we have developed extensive experience in telemetric data collection. This includes use of automated GSM modems for compiling data for rainfall, water level, groundwater levels and meteorological data.

In more inaccessible areas, where cell phone coverage is not provided DSI has experience in establishing satellite modems for remote data collection.

DSI has a commercially available QTool Data Service (QTDS) for automated downloading of the telemetric data from web servers and hosts for input into data management tools. The QTDS can also be used to upload processed data to client’s servers for input in water catchment models or other hydrological modeling software. Typically QTDS is used in conjunction with QTool, a hydrologic database developed by DSI for collection of long term elemental hydrologic data.

The image below shows an example of real-time data viewed from within QTDS. The user can track parameters such as water level, rainfall, wind speed and direction or air temperature as the data is collected and transmitted to the telemetry system. Typical lag is from 15 to 60 mins depending on user configuration. Battery level of the logger may also be tracked with automated emails sent to the user to inform of battery voltage or other warnings.


QTDS allows the user to create simple plots of data and battery status for purposes of QC and rapid response.


The diagram below demonstrates a typical system developed by DSI for hydrologic monitoring of a hydro-project in South East Asia.