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The Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta (Delta) is the largest estuary on the west coast and covers more than 738,000 acres. The study area for this project is the San Joaquin River Delta from Vernalis to Suisun Bay, and the Sacramento River from Freeport to its confluence with the San Joaquin River, and from Suisun Bay and west to Carquinez Strait.

A 3-Dimensional hydrodynamics and sediment transport model was setup for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and a model was calibrated with measured flow, salinity, water temperature and total suspended solid data from more than ten stations in the Delta. The hydrodynamic model developed for this project was a coarse hydrodynamic model using the Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC).

With 11,708 horizontal cells and four vertical layers it is a sophisticated structured grid representation of this highly complex waterbody. Simulated parameters also included five river bed layers with morphology changes during calculation. The results provide information and the location of deposition or erosion in the system. The model serves as a basis for advanced watershed management, ecosystemrestoration, water storage and water quality planning and management.

The following figure shows the coarse scale model with Water Residence time analysis and Deposition Erosion map.