Services Rendered:

Coastal Engineering

Wave Modeling


EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

Environmental Impacts

DSI was contracted by Sea Engineering to set up an EFDC model of a coastal region near Ocean Pointe, HI. The objective was to assess the impact of major freshwater storm drains on the salinity patterns. These were evaluated relative to the salinity standards (>31.5 ppt) for coral reefs in the vicinity. The EFDC model was linked to the radiation shear stresses and other wave results from a REF/DIF model. The EFDC_Explorer Modeling System was updated to link to the results of the REF/DIF model. This linkage was tested against literature of a physical model a rip-tide beach. The salinity reductions due to storm runoff for a variety of flow, wave and tidal conditions were evaluated. It was determined that the mixing due to wave actions has a significant affect on the salinity/freshwater distribution.