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EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

ADCP Data Processing

Sediment Transport Study

Water Quality Modeling

Environmental Impacts

Technical Training


Alberta Environment & Water, Canada


Robert Magai Environment and Sustainable Resource Development, AEW

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Dynamic Solutions – International, LLC, recently undertook water quality modeling of the Lower Athabasca River (LAR) in Alberta, Canada. This modeling supported the implementation of Alberta’s Water Management Framework (WMF) with the intent of managing long-term cumulative changes in water quality within LAR. AEW selected EFDC as the model of choice and an EFDC model was calibrated to simulate 38 water quality indicators identified in the Surface Water Quality WMF in addition to hydrocarbons (PAHs).

The initial phase commenced with a partially calibrated EFDC model for the Lower Athabasca. This model lacks the data required to properly track the source, fate and transport of organic and inorganic pollutants in the water. DSI performed a scoping study for the LAR between Fort McMurray and Old Fort to determine data gaps for incorporating sediment and hydrocarbon modules into the EFDC model. DSI then recalibrated the model using improved bathymetry and configured it to track water quality indicators and PAHs. DSI also provided EFDC and EFDC_Explorer training to a select number of AEW water quality modelers.