Services Rendered:

Biological Evaluation

EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

Dissolved Constituent Analysis

Water Col/Sediment Bed Interaction

Sediment Transport

Environmental Impacts

DSI was contracted to develop a multidimensional hydrodynamic model of the Little Lake Butte des Morts (LLBdM) in order to support studies of sediment transport dynamics. The insights gained in the modeling provided an enhanced conceptual understanding of sediment and PCB dynamics in LLBdM. This in turn impacted the interpretation of historical and ongoing studies. DSI conducted a field program using an Acoustic Data Current Profiler (ADCP) to collect flow and bathymetry data for the LLBdM. Processed and integrated the data into the modeling framework. The Environmental Flow Dynamics Code (EFDC) was setup and calibrated. This model was then used to determine flow patterns and bed shear stresses were evaluated for a range of flow and wind conditions.