Services Rendered:

EFDC Hydrodynamic Model

Pre/Post Project Impact Analysis

ADCP Data Processing

Environmental Impacts

Sediment Impacts Analysis

Bed Shear Analysis

Dye Release Study

DSI under subcontract to ASMA/ Noor Clean Water, is in the role of a Consultant to carry out the hydraulic study to assess the impacts of various proposed projects to the environment in the Eastern and Western Straits of Johor. DSI’s hydrodynamic models are helping to guide the planning of the developments and minimize environmental impacts. For this purpose, a model domain combining the eastern and western parts of the Johor Strait was also built. The input parameters and boundary conditions for the overall model are based on the calibrated models for the separate eastern and western straits.

The domain includes 22,487 grid cells, 5 layers in the vertical directions in sigma coordinate system. The causeway splitting the eastern and western parts was completely removed in the model.

Using the conditions of tidal flow and wind that were determined by the earlier calibrated models, dye propagation and particle tracking were simulated to show the impacts of opening a section of the causeway.