In order to use our field data efficiently, DSI has developed a comprehensive range of tools for data processing. Some of our software used for data processing includes:

ADCP_Tool, software developed for the processing Teledyne’s Winriver outputs. ADCP_Tool generate flow transects for use in hydrodynamic models as well as exports to Tecplot and Excel.
DTM_Tool, developed for processing bathymetric data for use in modeling tools. Some of the features of DTM tool are map digitization and bathymetric. interpolization. It may also be used for generating model inputs for several hydrologic, hydraulic and hydrodynamic models including EFDC_Explorer, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS. Some parameters that may be generated include drainage areas, SCS Curve Numbers (CN), slopes and flow lengths.

dynamic-solutions-international-data-processing-1The main form of the ADCP Tool

dynamic-solutions-international-data-processing-2The main form of the DTM Tool