DSI has many years experience in data collection in a range of different sites, including very remote locations in South East Asia, as well as continental United States.

1. Design and implementation of long term hydrologic data collection programs for hydropower, water quality, water supply and other water resources needs. This includes setup of permanent monitoring stations with data logging and telemetry systems.

  • Water Levels – Transducers, bubblers, vibrating wire, and acoustic sensors
  • Rating curve development
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity/Salinity
  • Turbidity/TSS
  • Flow – H-ADCP implementations

2. Design and implementation of intensive field studies for:

  • Flow/velocity measurements using:
    • RDI Rio Grande, 600/1200 KHz
    • RDI River Ray
    • Current Meters
  • Suspended Sediment Sampling
    • Water column depth integrated sampling
    • Particle sizing
    • Organic vs. Inorganic determinations
  • Sediment Bed Characterization
    • Coring
    • Grainsize, organic content,
    • Morphology
    • Sediment Dynamics
  • Water Quality Studies
    • Profiling (temperature, salinity/conductivity, optical depth, ORP, dissolved oxygen)
    • Nutrient Analyses
  • Tracer Studies
    • Fluorometric Studies
    • Time of Travel
    • Dilution
    • Mixing Zone

3. Telemetry

  • GSM
  • Satellite
  • Radio

Tools we frequently employ include:

  • River Ray ADCP equipment for flow and bathymetry studies;
  • data loggers and transducers from a range of companies for measurement of stage and groundwater
  • tipping bucket and other forms of rainfall monitoring.
  • meteorological stations for collection of wind speed, direction, humidity and atmospheric temperature.
  • side scan sonar for obtaining high quality bathymetric data and underwater studies.
  • multi-beam equipment for clients requiring very high quality bathymetric data
  • fluorescent dye trace equipment for flow and time of travel studies

DSI also has considerable experience with water quality sampling in ground and surface water, including sampling for:

  • arsenic
  • ion
  • magnesium
  • fecal and total coliform