Services Rendered:

Dioxin Fate & Transport

EFDC Modeling

Sediment Deposition/Resuspension

Hydrologic Modeling

Interim Remedial Design

DSI under contract to BEM Systems, performed several subtasks as the lead technical expert for dioxin fate and transport. The following tasks were completed:

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic assessment of the drainage system of the Da Nang Airport. The objective was to understand surface water flow paths and its impacts on historic dioxin transport.
  • Assessment of several ponds that received historic dioxin contaminated sediments. Conducted bathymetric surveys, sediment thickness mapping, evaluation of dioxin settling patterns, and volume/elevation determinations.
  • Developed several 2D hydrodynamic models of the ponds to evaluate internal flow patterns during storm events and contaminated sediment resuspension potential.
  • Provided hydraulic and hydrologic evaluation and support to the interim remedial action alternatives being evaluated.