Services Rendered:

Water Quality Modeling

Hydrodynamic Modeling

DSI developed and calibrated a CE-QUAL-W2 hydrodynamic and water quality model of Barkley Reservoir on the Cumberland River. Verified the calibrated model and used it to predict the effects on water quality of proposed changes in reservoir operations. The calibrated model has been used to evaluate impacts of a proposed alternative headwater guide curve on water quality in the reservoir and in discharges from Barkley Dam. The effects of flows into and out of the reservoir through the Barkley-Kentucky canal and of the Cumberland Steam Plant at CRM 103.6 have also been investigated. The results indicated that changes in canal flows caused temperature and dissolved oxygen effects much further upstream than anticipated. The modeling results will be one factor in modifying reservoir operations to maximize total benefits.

An additional task was the development of a post-processor to aid in interpretation of the model output. This allowed quick and accurate display and communication of model results.