Services Rendered:

Dioxin Fate & Transport

Sediment Deposition/Resuspension

EFDC Modeling

Hydrologic Modeling

Mitigation Measures

The Office of National Steering Committee 33 (Office 33), of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MoNRE) contracted DSI to conduct the “Preliminary Contaminant Transport Study of Dioxin in and Around Bien Hoa Dioxin Contaminated Hotspots”. The contents of the project were: Assembled and conduct an initial assessment of the contaminant data and other existing environmental data impacting Dioxin fate and transport. Conducted a field survey of the hydraulic structures and major runoff control features of Bien Hoa airbase. For the Dioxin impacted ponds within the airbase, measured the bathymetry and thicknesses of sediment in order to determine volume of contaminated sediments. Analyzed the topographic data for the airbase and surrounding areas to determine watershed and runoff flow paths. Conducted rainfall/runoff analysis and modeling of the Dioxin impacted areas. Conducted hydrodynamic modeling of the Dioxin impacted streams and ponds to assess the potential for sediment erosion and transport. Developed a set of preliminary recommendations for the reduction and/or prevention of Dioxin mobilization and transport from the contaminated areas to the surrounding population.