Services Rendered:

CE-QUAL-W2 Model

Hydrodynamic Modeling

Water Quality Modeling

Salinity Modeling

DSI was contracted to develop a hydrodynamic and water quality model of Rio Grande de Arecibo Estuary in Puerto Rico to predict the impacts on TDS and dissolved oxygen of a variety of management and environmental scenarios. These included timing and quantities of water withdrawal, normal operating and environmental conditions, drought conditions, and long duration warm weather. The model applied was CE-QUAL-W2 maintained by the US army Corps of Engineers Waterways experiment Station and Portland State University.

Conditions simulated were

  • Base Case: 1997 flow conditions with regular tide (unaltered).
  • Constant 20 mgd flow for one month with regular tide (unaltered).
  • Constant 20 mgd flow with constant high tide.
  • Constant 20 mgd flow with one pulsed release during the third week of modeling of 100 MGD.
  • Constant 10 mgd flow for one month with regular tide.

Results will be used to guide management decisions for maximizing benefits while minimizing environmental effects.