EFDC_Explorer Modeling System (EEMS)

EEMS is DSI’s flagship software, a complete modeling package for hydrodynamics, sediment transport, toxics transport, and eutrophication. This state-of-the-art suite comprises EFDC+, EFDC_Explorer (EE), and CVLGrid.  Watch the video below or select the links to the EEMS website to learn more.


A Graphical User Interface (GUI) that provides a broad range of pre-processing and post-processing tools to assist in developing, calibrating, and analyzing EFDC+ models.
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A state-of-the-art, multifunctional surface water modeling engine that includes hydrodynamic, sediment-contaminant, and eutrophication components designed to simulate aquatic systems in one, two, and three dimensions.
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A grid-generating tool for hydrodynamic models that makes the process of building complex 2-dimensional curvilinear orthogonal grids quick, intuitive, and robust enough for even the most challenging waterbodies.
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DSI Tools

In addition to EEMS, DSI has developed and maintains a range of other software tools used on specialized consultancy projects.  While these tools are not commercially available at this stage, DSI can provide them to clients as needed to support their ongoing project requirements.

W2_Tool Pre- & Post-Processor

W2_Tool is a pre- and post-processor for CE-QUAL-W2, comprising W2_Control, for model setup, and W2_Post, for model post-processing. CE-QUAL-W2, developed at Portland State University, models longitudinal-vertical hydrodynamics and WQ in stratified and non-stratified systems, and multiple algal, epiphyton/periphyton, zooplankton, macrophyte, CBOD, and generic WQ groups.
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ADCP_Tool is an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler Data Analysis tool developed by DSI for pre and post processing of ADCP data. DSI has extensive experience in both collection and processing of ADCP data. This gallery displays some of ADCP_Tool’s many valuable functions.
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Q_Tool is a powerful hydrological data management tool. It allows the user to maintain the raw files of collected data and then manipulate and alter them as saved files. Rating curve and time series curves can be generated to aid in data analysis.
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DTM_Tool was designed by DSI for creating and modifying digital terrain models (DTMs) and performing a range of analyses such as map digitization and bathymetric interpolization. It may used for generating model inputs for several hydrologic, hydraulic and hydrodynamic models including EFDC_Explorer, HEC-HMS and HEC-RAS. This software was developed by DSI and is customizable for project and client needs.
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The Storm Water Model Management Set (SWMM) tool is a pre- and post-processor for the SWMM EXTRAN module. This software was developed by DSI and is customizable for project and client needs.
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Temperature Profiler

This tool was developed to facilitate analysis of data from multiple vertically aligned temperature logger stations. This software was developed by DSI and is customizable for project and client needs.
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