DSI provides modeling and analysis of groundwater for a diverse range of projects. These include groundwater control and water supply for open pit and long-wall mining operations, nuclear and thermal power plants, and dams as well as groundwater contaminated with organic compounds, radionuclides and/or metals. DSI utilizes a range of 3D modeling tools for this purpose, including MODFLOW, FEMWATER and GMS. At DSI we have also developed our own tools for pre and post processing open source tools, such as MODCHECK for MODFLOW, allowing for a sophisticated analysis of a wide range of groundwater scenarios.

At DSI we provide a broad range of services for Groundwater services including:

1. Groundwater Modeling

  • Remediation
  • Site investigations
  • Water supply
  • Mining
  • Regional studies

2. Groundwater Studies

  • Pumping tests
  • Site characterization
  • Slug tests
  • Automatic data logging systems
  • Data management
  • Analysis and Reporting

Representative Projects:
McClelland Lake Wetland Complex Modelling, Canada
Massachusetts Military Reservation Groundwater Plume Containment Modeling Support
Loring Air Force Base Groundwater Modeling Activities
Nui Phao Open Pit Mine Water Management Support, Vietnam
Low-Level Waste Disposal Facility, Oak Ridge, TN, USA
Water Balance for Rogers Quarry, Oak Ridge, TN, USA