Vietnam Bottled Water Analysis

In order to understand the quality of drinking water in Hanoi, together with each Arsenic sampling round, we have also sampled and tested some brands of bottled water such as La Vie, Aquafina and Hosana. These samples were tested at the lab of EQA Department, Institute of Environmental Technology, Hanoi.



Data Management, Processing, and Reporting

In order to use our field data efficiently, DS-INTL has developed a comprehensive range of tools for data processing. Some of our software used for data processing includes: ADCP_Tool, software developed for the processing Teledyne’s Winriver outputs. ADCP_Tool generate flow transects for use in hydrodynamic models as well as exports to Tecplot and Excel. DTM_Tool,…

Telemetry Systems

As Dynamics Solutions-International has serviced clients with projects in remote areas, we have developed extensive experience in telemetric data collection. This includes use of automated GSM modems for compiling data for rainfall, water level, groundwater levels and meteorological data. In more inaccessible areas, where cell phone coverage is not provided DS-INTL has experience in establishing…