latest news from dynamic solutions international, DSI

EEMS8.4 Out Now

The latest EFDC_Explorer Modeling System has been released, with EE8.4, EFDC+ and CVLGrid1.1 in one package. This update to DSI’s hydrodynamic, sediment transport and WQ modeling tool comes with many enhancements, including new habitat analysis tools (IFIM) and time and rule controlled hydraulic structures. A free Demo version is available for download.

Little Bow River Water Quality Study

DSI recently successfully completed the study for a hydrodynamic and water quality model of the upper Little Bow River main stem, the Twin Valley Reservoir, and its tributary Mosquito Creek. DSI used EFDC for the set-up, calibration, validation and implementation of this in-stream water quality model for Alberta Environment and Parks.

Pearl Harbor Model Development

DSI recently completed development of an EFDC model of the Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. We supported Sea Engineering International in this work, which will simulate the transport and deposition of suspended sediment caused by dredging. The model accurately reproduces the flow dynamics inside and outside of the Harbor for use in planning assessments.